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Scoundrel #2
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Publisher: Wunderman Comics
by JL N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2018 19:22:31

Clearly life is not going as planned for Hector. Is inheriting $15 million a curse? While his brother and him each received $15 mil; only Hector is out of control. We see a little backstory on a past love and you wonder if that set him to where he is today? Regardless, Hector is on a collision course in life. Hector is lost. Each panel is complete. The artist Dug Nation definitely showed that words can be minimized with the right artwork. The font was a good choice by Josephine Roberts. The writer Tabu continues to use his words sparingly but you get the full impact. Solid issue.

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Scoundrel #2
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